Is Customer Dissatisfaction Costing You Thousands in Lost Sales?

Software tracks car deliveries from your desktop, ELIMINATES Customer Wait Time and Improves Customer Satisfaction.

Dear Auto Sales Manager,

The relationship between you and your customers is cemented with the delivery of their new vehicle. It is extremely critical that the delivery be smooth and to the customer’s complete satisfaction. No matter what size your dealership…

Whether you deliver 10, 50 or several hundred cars a month, you need to stay on top of this. The easier and smoother you make this process, the better for both you and your customer satisfaction.

A little over three years ago a friend of mine, Glenn, purchased a new car. When he arrived at the dealership to pick up his new car on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, the car was not ready.

Two and a half hours later, his car was finally ready to go -- he was livid! Now he doesn’t just take his frustration out on the salespeople, but the Sales Manager and Owner, too.

Imagine for a moment if you will, your waiting room is full of customers patiently waiting to take possession of their new cars. You look around the room, you can see and sense the level of frustration on their faces and in the air. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. It isn’t a pretty sight. They are looking to blame someone for this poor service!

You have to face the music and go make some lame excuse. If only you could find a good explanation for their car not being ready at the promised time… But, you know they will dump their frustration on you, so you avoid it.
Your new car delivery process isn’t hitting on all cylinders. Ask yourself this, “Just where did my system break down?”

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Have You Lost Control?
Do you really have control over the scheduling of cars at your dealership?  Probably not.

Yes, believe it or not, some dealerships are using a paper list. The sales people write in some basic information about the cars that need detailing. The list disappears back into the detailing area. Now the only way to know what is going on is to wander away from the showroom floor to check on your cars.

On average salespeople spend 30 minutes or more chasing down their cars for delivery. Non-selling time. They don’t make money with such mundane tasks and neither does the dealership.

Are Your Salespeople Where They Need To Be?
Just where are your salespeople? Not on the showroom floor where they need to be? Maybe they’re back in the prep department or the service department checking on their cars? Is all of this hassle really necessary? Maybe its time that you change the way things work. Maybe it’s time to find a solution that really works for you and your sales team.

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Semi-Automation and Still Out of Control
Some dealerships have sort of automated the process. The sales person fills out a “Get Ready” request that now goes back to the service department where they schedule it for detailing. Control is still out of your hands, but at least now when there is a screw up you can blame the service area. Little consolation for your customers. Is this the kind of tracking that you need to keep your customers satisfied? Have you really solved your problem? Or did your problem just get re-located?

Customer Dissatisfaction Spreads Like Wildfire Costing You Thousands In Lost Sales
Dissatisfied customers tell an average of 10 other people about their bad experience. With the power of the Internet, the "Bad Experience" can be delivered to countless thousands with ease. How many referrals do you think you are getting out of this? They’re even telling everyone in your waiting room about the delay…

Are you letting the Bad Experience get out of hand?

Just think about it. Just who is in charge when customer satisfaction gets out of hand? Are you behind the wheel of your delivery operation? If only you could pull it over to the curb and make the process work for you instead of against you.

Will Your Customers Go Someplace Else For Their Next Purchase?
As you are scanning over this letter, you are beginning to see that something serious needs to be done about this critical step in the sales process. How many repeat customers are you losing? It’s hard enough to get a new customer. Why lose the one you already have?

How one company SAVES 250 MAN-HOURS per month
A local Chevrolet Dealership had a management and time problem on their hands. Their sales staff was wasting over 250 hours each and every month. We developed a car dealer software scheduling system for them to track a specific process and now they run more efficiently. This dealership is so worried about their competition that they won’t even let me use the name of the dealership or management in my testimonials. They don't want anyone to know their SECRET WEAPON.

The money saved is like having one additional salesperson on staff at no extra cost.

Ask yourself this, “What could an additional salesperson add to your sales bottom line?” If the average salesperson sells just 10 cars per month, that's roughly $280,000 in sales. On an annual basis that works out to $3,360,000. That's a lot of clams.

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How Much Time Is Wasted?
Do you have a good handle on how much time is wasted? We've done some research into a typical dealerships figures and have come up with the table below. On average salespeople say they spend 30 minutes or more each day in their prep department looking for their customers’ cars. While these numbers may not be representative of your dealership, they are credible.

Minutes per Day Chasing Down Cars
Number of Salespeople
Number of Days Worked per week
Average Hourly Rate
Total Hours Wasted Per Month
(number of minutes per day * days per week * salespeople * weeks in a month)
Total Monthly Savings
(Number of Hours wasted * Average Hourly Rate)
Total Annual Savings $130,032.00

You’ll probably agree with me that these number may not represent your dealership. And you are getting the idea as to how much of a saving is available to you.  Try out your numbers and see your savings.

You are probably thinking that your sales people can be more productive with the extra time available to them. And they will be able to better serve your customers.

They Laughed When Ken Sat Down At The Computer –
But When He Scheduled A Car In 7 Seconds Flat…
Ken used to be a bit on the computer phobic side. Didn’t want anything to do with computers. And he wasn’t shy about letting everyone know. He just knew if he touched one he would screw it up. We showed him how easy it was. Now he can’t believe how easy it is. He can see the status of his cars right from his own desktop. Ken doesn’t need to be wandering off to the prep department to check on his customers’ cars.

You can have an organized new car prep process and ELIMINATE
the CUSTOMER WAIT TIME by having cars ready on time!
What if… there was a low-cost way to track the progress of your cars for customer pickup from your desktop? -- There is, Software Advantage brings you Auto Scheduler Advantagetm, a unique and easy to use web based car dealer software scheduling solution for tracking cars through your prep department. Absolutely, the only solution for scheduling cars for on-time customer pickup!

Imagine this, a simple glance at your computer screen and your worries are over.  Now your sales people can know when the cars will be ready.

Unbelievable! Complete Software System Setup In Under Four Hours
“I was really amazed. I’ve been involved in new software program rollouts before and most of them have a huge number of issues and delays. Never before have I seen a program rollout go without a glitch. We just provided them with a list of our salespeople and sales managers. Auto Scheduler Advantage was up and running in three hours and twenty-seven minutes.”
-- K. A. General Manager Ford Dealership

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But, We’re Already Doing This…
I’ve talked to a few dealerships that are trying to use their big player service software to schedule cars. They say that they’re already doing this scheduling of cars. Their sales staff does not have access to the information directly. They are still at the mercy of another department. And I’m sure you’ve felt the frustration from this type of band-aid approach.

We’ve designed Auto Scheduler Advantage from the ground up to serve the needs of the Sales department.

You Get These Powerful Tools!
  • An easy to use solution to track your cars, even your sales people who are computer novices will find it a breeze to use.

  • Reduce your worries with color-coded screens to spot issues at a distance. You’ll know when things are getting out of hand and be able to nip it in the bud.

  • No special desktop software required, works in an Internet Browser. You won't have the extra cost of managing special software configuration issues.

  • Unlimited Sales People! No Extra Licensing Fees. You only have one license to cover your entire dealership.

  • Easy set-up hours of coverage for days of the week. You can easily setup default schedules for each day of the week. You control how many cars can be scheduled for any given time slot.

  • Easily expand the hours of coverage for any specific day. If you need to add more time slots or remove time slots due to a shortage of porters, you can complete the task in a snap.

  • At a Glance View of Total Deliveries for each day of the month provides you with
    the information you need to schedule extra porters if you need them. You’ll stay on top of your game.

Tired of Using Service Department Software for Sales Problems?
There is no other service like this, anywhere! We've done a lot research and found there is a huge need to fulfill with this solution, and no one else is doing it! The two big software companies that are providing service department software solutions have totally ignored the sales department when it comes to this critical step in customer fulfillment process. We've heard about this issue many times and we built this solution specifically to serve your needs.

Benefits of this Car Dealer Software Scheduling Solution

  • Raise the level of Customer Satisfaction by having their cars ready for pickup when they expect it.  First impressions are the most important. You can give them the best deal, the best salesmen, but screw-up on the final step and its all over.

  • You'll see your sales people spending more time on the showroom floor, where you expect them to be.

  • Easily communicate with prep department without having to chase them down.

  • As a Sales Manager you'll be able to get a better handle on the type of communications occurring.

  • Easily determine when and where bottlenecks are occurring.

  • Salespeople can check on the status of their cars without leaving the showroom.

  • Your sales people will be spending more face-to-face time with their prospects.

  • Clear lines of communication between Sales and the Prep department.

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Won’t My Schedule Get Out Of Hand If My Salespeople Are Scheduling Their Own Cars?
You can fine-tune the schedule for as few or as many open time slots as you want. If you have two open time slots for 10:00 am, then only two cars can be scheduled for 10:00 am. If you want four time slots for 2:00 pm and only two slots for 3:00 pm, you can do it. It is all up to you.

Better Resource Management
To help you manage your resources better, the Delivery Monthly Calendar provides you with a high level view of the number of cars scheduled for each day. This will help you schedule extra porters when you need them. You will also be able to better advise your sales staff when would be the best days to schedule cars for pick-up.

How Are My Salespeople Performing?
You will be able to view a pareto chart of sales performance by salesperson or model. You can even see which sales people are selling the most of a specific model. You can even see a break-down of model sales by salesperson.

No-Cost No-Hassle Setup
We don’t charge you a dime for setup. We even brand it for your dealership. All we need from you is a list of your salespeople, sales managers and their email addresses. We set up the system remotely and then we email a link to each of the users so they can get to the site. Once there, they bookmark the page and log into the system using their username and password.

Auto Scheduler Advantage™ Features

View the Demo Presentation

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Schedule | Schedule Maintenance | Monthly Calendar | Location Maintenance | Schedule Control
Time Slot Default | Sales Board Chart | User Maintenance

Delivery Schedule
This is the main screen your sales people will be using to monitor the status of their cars. A simple glance at their computer screen will let them feel secure in knowing their customers' cars are being taken care of.

It is color coded for different statuses. Green, indicates the car is ready, red means past due and there could be an issue, purple indicates a message is waiting and yellow means the clean-up process has been started.

Car Dealer Software Delivery Schedule Screen Shot
Click for enlarged view

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Here’s what some of our existing customers are saying (they don’t want us to use their names because they don't want their competition to know
they are using this SECRET WEAPON):
"The major frustration [before using this system] was finding out when the car was done and trying to track and make sure that the keys were found. The list we had was a paper list, and that would be given to the head of the cleanup department and we could never know where they stood with that list. He would line it out over at his station, but our management on this side would never know what's going on, nor would the service manager. So, new car didn't know what's going on, the service manager didn't know what's going on, unless they walked over to that building."

"But, with this system, with this software, now we can all go on the computer, the salesman, rather than having to go and write it down, or maybe the salesman would even cross out other peoples names on there... can you imagine that, and put their name ahead.  So, with this, they can enter it, when they want it.

If it's a dealer trade, they can alert the wash rack that it is a dealer trade, that if the keys aren't found, the wash rack can tell the salesman and the sales manager, we can't find the keys or we can't find the car.

And with one click you're on the screen and you can tell what's going on there as far as the manager. You may need, as you fall behind, you might get a porter from another department and get him over there to help, before somebody else goes on over, or at the end of the day, the sales manager can look there, who's in charge of staffing that department, and he can know that he needs more people there to start in the morning to help clean up."

"It is a terrific, terrific piece of software!"

General Manager Chevrolet Dealership
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"I've been selling cars for close to ten years at actually three major dealerships. Every dealership I worked at before has had just a basic write-up service, where you hand wrote your information for actual delivery of vehicles. This new automated system online, allows us to make changes to the vehicle, and status of delivery, if anythings wrong with delivery, everythings hands on, rather than verbal communication, they can just look at the actual web page and find out if any problems are occurring. It helps expedite the process itself, a real good system."

Car Salesman, New & Used Car Sales, Chevrolet Dealership

"Hi, what I like about Auto Scheduler Advantage is the convenience that we have with getting our clean-up process streamlined and we can change it immediately, adjust it immediately. It's been a real time saver for us!"

General Sales Manager, Chevrolet Dealership

I want to Start my 15-Day Risk-Free Test Drive!

"We were using a paper based system and it was really confusing when we would have to re-schedule a car and the schedule became unreadable. We've been embarrassed more than a few times by losing a car from the list… With Auto Scheduler Advantage, we have eliminated all of our problems!"
- J Tucker, GM Dealer, Milwaukee, WI

"Hi, with this new Auto Scheduler it was basically a new way of life for us. Instead of the old paper system we actually have something that we were able to build a whole new way of life or a new process with something that was organized and very helpful. Now we can see where we are at any given time, any given moment. We can communicate back and forth... all the advantages that we never had with the paper system, and people writin' it down in the new car department and walking it over to another building... the prep department. "

"I would absolutely recommend this to anybody who sells cars and cleans up cars, you cannot do without it! "

Fixed Operations Manager, Chevrolet Dealership

"The advantage I like with this here is the system helps us communicate with the salesmen and know whats' going on... at all times."

Prep Department Manager, Chevrolet Dealership

"This service has been a real life saver. It is so nice to be able to check on [customer] cars without having to leave the showroom."
- B. Tarnauer, Ford Dealer, Columbus, OH

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What Does All This Mean?
What does all this mean? Imagine being able to deliver cars on-time and be in complete control of your sales operation. Your sales people will know exactly where their cars stand. And if you’re like me, you’ll have a feeling of satisfaction knowing that your customers are happy with their new car purchase and the excitement of their purchase will remain alive. As you’re breathing easier about your customer satisfaction ratings, you’ll know that your scheduling issues are handled.

The system eliminates useless paper schedules and logs. Reduces overbooking popular time slots. Every Volume Dealer should have Auto Scheduler Advantagetm. To save you time, money and aggravation.
We can have you up and running in less than four hours. Just think about it, no long drawn out computer systems implementation.  And an easy to use solution that even your most novice computer user salesperson will be able to use without hesitation.

Risk Free Test Drive and We Do All The Work. All You Do…
Is provide us with a list of your sales people, sales managers and a designated person or two from your detailing department. Provide their email addresses so we can email the login information and we do the rest.

I'm not asking you to buy it, I'm just asking you to try it. Just take our Risk-Free Test Drive for 15 days.  We’ll even give you our exclusive Six Month – No Questions Asked – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. You’ll see how easy it is to improve your delivery of cars. If you’re not completely satisfied, you are free to walk away from it. If you decide you want to continue to use Auto Scheduler Advantagetm to keep your customer deliveries on-time, we start invoicing you at $497.00 per month.

You’ll get the Risk-Free Test Drive for 15 Days, but only if you ACT NOW!

Even if you sell as few as 200 cars per month, that’s less than the price of a Starbucks’ Latte Grande per customer. Is that too much to ask for the improved customer satisfaction you’ll realize when you start using Auto Scheduler Advantagetm?

The first 5 dealerships to sign up will get this deal. We’ll also give you a Full Six Month – No Questions Asked – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! That’s Right, Use this productivity improvement for a full six months – And if you decide it’s not for your dealership – We’ll REFUND the FULL SIX MONTHS of your monthly fees! – No Questions Asked!

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About my friend Glenn that I mention at the beginning of this letter: As it turns out -- the paper based prep schedule was missing... Would you think that in this age of high-tech solutions, an auto dealership would be using a paper-based system for such an important part of the delivery process?

He’s getting ready to by a new car. You’ve probably already guessed, He’s not going back to that dealership. You know what you need to do to keep your customers coming back.

Warmest regards,

David P Miller,
Software Advantage Consulting Corporation
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